The Bridge Foundation

Building Bridges for Adolescents, Young Adults and Families in Recovery.

The Bridge Foundation works closely with Community-Based Philanthropic and Educational Organizations to provide a collaborative approach to combating substance abuse and addiction in adolescents and young adults, partnering with others in the community to provide Programming and Systems Reform in local Communities, Universities and other Educational and Government institutions.

The Bridge Foundation has established a grant making program to provide financial assistance to young people, including High School and College students who are committed to their sobriety and education and require financial assistance for supportive recovery housing, services and programming. The Foundation’s target group consists primarily of individuals between the ages of 16 and 26 and their families, including Adolescents and young adults who Use, Abuse or are Dependent upon Alcohol and Other Drugs, are in Recovery or struggling with self-destructive behavior, and those not meeting their goals within the current educational institutions or workforce.

The Bridge Provides support for Young People and Families in Recovery in four primary areas of focus:

  • Direct Grants to Young People in Recovery and their families for Housing, Peer-to-Peer Coaching and Treatment
  • Family Education and Support Programs
  • The Bridge to Creativity Music and Arts Program
  • Recovery Information, Resources and Support referrals in the Philadelphia area and East Coast

Resource services

Peer Recovery Support, Recovery Coach, Family Support, Online Resources, Recovery Housing, Recovery Support Services, Recovery Community Organization, and Arts/Music

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