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Welcome to Co-Dependents Anonymous, a fellowship of men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships. The only requirement for membership is a desire for healthy and loving relationships.

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After finding a meeting from the CoDA Meeting Locator, it is suggested you call the contact person to confirm the meeting date, time, and location. You may have noticed this person is identified by first name, and last initial. This follows the CoDA tradition of anonymity, which says that members are not identified to the world-at-large. They remain anonymous during meetings also, using only first names. Information shared at meetings is not discussed outside the meeting. These safeguards insure that all things shared are held in strict confidence and trust.

Resource services

Family Support, Online Resources, 12-Step, Mutual Support Group, Meeting Finder, and National Resource Site

This meeting resource and listed services information originates from national meeting finder and organizational websites that intend to help individuals and families find appropriate recovery support and mutual aid group options in their communities.

If you are familiar with this resource, we encourage the use of the Provide feedback option to inform us of anything that you feel others should know about available services.

Please be aware that we do not endorse or directly support any presented resource. Those seeking programs, services, or support are urged to review each organization’s literature and materials to ensure those services are appropriate for your needs.