WestCare Foundation - Reno Homefront Veterans' Transitional Living

WestCare Reno Homefront Veterans' Transitional Living is an adult male transitional living for homeless veterans. 

About WestCare

WestCare Foundation is proud to offer programs and services across the continuum of health and human services.

Every doorway into a WestCare program is designed, not only to lead to solutions for the presenting issue, but, also, to be a first step toward identifying what may be other complicating and co-occurring factors impacting the life of a whole human being.

WestCare creates a continuum of person-centered and trauma-informed care within each and every one of its programs that is recognized for clinical excellence, coordinated access and collaborative innovation.

National services offered include:

  • Educational Programming for Targeted Prevention--The most effective way to lower the human and societal costs of drug abuse and other harmful behaviors is to simply prevent it in the first place. There is an immediate need to educate communities and empower them to prevent drug use, reduce harmful behaviors, and learn more about preventable health concerns.
  • Intervention Services by Reducing Risk-taking Behavior and Tempering Resilience—Intervention services are part of the comprehensive continuum of care within Behavioral Health.
  • Outpatient Settings for Substance Abuse Treatment—There are many different methods used for substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation. An outpatient setting allows individuals to receive counseling and support while still residing at their home and continuing to work and live within the community. Outpatient clients have either completed a residential program or do not require the more intensive services provided through residential.
  • Supportive Environments for Treatment Away from Home—Residential treatment is often considered the most reliable method of substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation. The primary advantage is that it provides a safe, structured, and supportive environment away from home to address addiction, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because negatively influencing factors from the individual's life are removed, clients are able to rediscover themselves and develop independent life skills for their future.
  • Acute Services Needed Before Treatment Occurs—With many mental health or substance abuse issues, acute services are needed before treatment can be provided. Through triage, detoxification, and crisis stabilization, the client stays for a short period of time (2-5 days) in order to first stabilize and then connect to various services.
  • Providing for the Homeless through Shelters and Housing Options—Addressing homelessness in any given area is an urgent issue but not a simple task. WestCare understands that there is a need not only for shelter but also transitional living, case management, and eventually permanent housing.

Resource services

Veteran/Armed Services and Transitional Housing

This resource and related services information originates from prevention and early intervention asset mapping activities undertaken in Northern Nevada.

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